Critch Named to Football Canada U16 West All-Star Team

Bandits running back Duncan Critch has been named to the Football Canada West All Star Team, live in The Brick Cold Lake Lounge! Thanks to Bluewave Energy Bonnyville for keeping us connected.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Monday, September 24, 2018

Images provided by Serena Critch.

A local football player is being recognized on the national stage.

Duncan Critch of the Bonnyville Bandits was named to the Football Canada U16 West All-Star last week. This comes after his strong showing at the Football Canada U16 Western Challenge this summer where Team Alberta won a gold medal.

“It’s spectacular. I was so happy. My mom pulled me out of class early – well not early – but pulled me out of class to tell me….I thought I was in trouble at first. She came out and I saw a smile on her face and I didn’t know what was happening. I was very confused. Then she told me, and I ran outside out the doors running and screaming. It was the best feeling ever. And I’m still a year young. I can make that team again next year. It’s great to be recognized at this level already,” said Critch.

In years past, this all-star team would travel to the United States to play other national teams. However, this year there are no games scheduled and no plans to travel.

It’s still a dream to be honoured, Critch says.

“I have to thank a lot of my coaches, coach Kevin Sartain especially. He taught me a lot. He taught me that two yards is better than no yards, so if you have a chance take it. I learned a lot from him. Coach Mickey who’s taught me a lot about control off and on the field. When I went to U-16s Darcy Park who was the running back coach there. He coaches the Wildcats as well in Edmonton. He was a great inspiration for me. He taught me a lot about elite football, and what it takes to be an elite football running back…it’s a good feeling.

And it’s no wonder he was. His speed and power often make him the most noticeable player on the field.

“I like to be fearless. I like to not think; I just let my body do what it needs to do. If I need to go through there, I go through there. If I need to go through him, I go through him. If I need to go around him, I go around him. I adapt to what I see. So I just try with whatever I have,” he said.

The Bonnyville Bandits moved to 3-0 with their win at the Scott MacDonald Memorial against Lloydminster. Their goal with three weeks left in the season, and one more matchup against each league opponent, is to finish with home field advantage in the post-season.

“Get home field advantage for playoffs that’s what we want. We don’t want to have to go anywhere.”