SPCA Receives $3600 from Ducharme’s Monster Truck Charity Event

The Bonnyville and District SPCA earned a total of $3660 from a charity barbeque at Ducharme Motors yesterday. A monster truck demonstration thrilled the crowd of 600 people or so who attended throughout the barbeque.

The money is timely for the non-profit, as they are requesting long-term sustainable funding from the Town of Bonnyville.

“It means the world. We’ve been fundraising for 18-19 years to have what we have, and it’s a constant struggle, especially with the way the oil patch is right now,” said Sharon Ducharme, board member for the Bonnyville and District SPCA.

Shon Gamache, centre, and staff present a cheque for $3660 to Sharon Ducharme and the Bonnyville and District SPCA.

The SPCA say if they don’t get funding from municipalities six months from now, they will close. They’re asking for $50,000 a year to help them operate.

In November, the town will decide during budget talks whether or not to support the animal shelter.

A presentation will arrive in front of the Municipal District of Bonnyville soon as well.

“We try to reach out to a bunch of charities throughout the year and help out when we can,” said Shon Gamache from Ducharme Motors.

“The SPCA is someone we haven’t worked with yet closely, and it was also common knowledge that they are in real desperate needs of funds right now. So it felt like the right charity to support.

“The numbers raised were awesome in a time span of two-and-a-half-hours.”

Several beat up cars were placed as the fodder for the Iron Outlaw, driver Tanner Root’s monster truck in the field beside Ducharme Motors. Only a couple minutes into the demonstration, a van caused the truck to spill onto its side, which excited the kids. Root was fine with no injuries.

MONSTER TRUCKS LIVE at Ducharme Motors. The view from the opposite side of the field.

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


“I had a couple cars out here to hit. Made a couple jumps and did a couple donuts. Then I hit this one jump sideways, and it’s kind of why it [the truck] is like that. It’s gonna be a fun phone call to make to the boss,” said Root.

Mike Leslie helped get the trucks to Bonnyville from the Monster Jam tour in Edmonton. Ducharme’s also thanked East End and Entrec.

“Glad to meet some people from Bonnyville. It’s great to be out here for a great organization the SPCA. It’s awesome it’s on at a Ford dealership,” said Root.

Michael live with Tanner Root the monster truck driver here today at Ducharme Motors, who saw the Iron Outlaw tip over today during the demonstration!

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


The SPCA is holding their Raise the Woof fundraiser September 29 at the Senior’s Drop-in Centre. Three comedians will perform after dinner catered by C’est la Vie. There will also be a live and silent auction.

Their mission statement is to help strayed, abandoned, abused, surrendered, and unwanted dogs and cats find a loving and caring home.