Cold Lake Magazine is Doing Something “DIFFRNT”

Linda Folkard thought of an idea that’s becoming less and less popular in the digital age: start a magazine.

It was originally just going to feature the barbers and hairstylists at her studio Crew HAUS in Cold Lake.

The idea took off from there.

“Then someone said, let’s put in some tips and tricks. Then, hey, why don’t we do a fun photo shoot? So we did a themed photo shoot a la Studio 54, doing side by side photo re-enactments with a limited budget.”

The idea eventually became Now for Something DIFFRNT. The debut spring/summer issue is available now at Crew Haus.

You can read about how Crew’s hairstylist Elizabeth ended up as a hairstylist, ten steps for the best shave ever, and whether the salon product is worth the price.

All the money raised by the magazine is donated to charity.

“One of our clients who is now retired military is working with True Patroit Love. It’s a military based charity that’s all about PTSD. Whether they’re suffering, or family members. One hundred per cent of the proceeds of the magazine go toward True Patriot Love,” said Folkard.

Moving forward, the magazine is looking for more writers who are interested in doing interviews with other businesses, and to expand their focus on music and style.

They are even looking at featuring another charity for their fall/winter issue.

“We want to keep it all local.”