M.D. Expresses Interest in Future ICIP Projects

The Municipal District of Bonnyville are looking at the Kinosoo Adventure Park, the Vezeau Beach Enhancement Project, and Kinosoo Ridge Solar Farm as three projects that could happen in the future from federal funding.

On Wednesday, the M.D. council was presented with options for potential grant funding from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) funding grants, similar to the recent applications made by Bonnyville and Cold Lake.

Council agreed to put forward the ideas of Kinosoo Adventure Park and Vezeau Beach Enhancement Project for the first intake under the community, culture, and recreation grant. The Kinosoo Ridge Solar Farm will be expressed in the second intake under the green stream.

Reeve Greg Sawchuk says all these plans are “very new” and none have been passed by a motion so nothing is set in stone. These plans will come to council again if they get the green light for funding, or if they’re shut down.

“In this grant procedure it is only an expression of interest,” said Sawchuk.

“Prior to proceeding further to the next stage, we would actually have to have a motion from council that would make it subject to grant approval.”

The Vezeau Beach Enhancement Project would include upgrades, resizing, and a parking lot. It would be in partnership with Lakeland Sports & Recreation Association, so no provincial funding would be required.

The adventure park would be along French Bay toward the ski hall, similar to Snow Valley.

The solar farm would potentially lessen the amount of power used at Kinosoo Ridge by 25 to 30 per cent.

The Kinosoo Adventure Park and Vezeau Beach Enhancement would cost $1.5 million each. The Solar Farm would cost $140,000.

If approved by both the government and eventually M.D. council, the ICIP grant would cover forty per cent of the cost of each project. Also, the grant stipulates 33.3 per cent of project funding needs to come from the province.

“This still gives us time to hash out some of the details and get public feedback on it,” said Sawchuk.

There are two grant intakes for this year, with the first deadline to express interest on Aug. 1. Another is likely for spring 2019.

The community, culture, and recreation and gream projects stream were the two options available for the M.D. to apply for.