M.D. Asking for Feedback About Recreation in Upcoming Survey

The Municipal District of Bonnyville is asking for feedback about what recreational facilities residents use to determine what future projects would suit the community the most.

The Recreation Needs Assessment, out August 10, is hoping to collect information so the M.D. can eventually make plans for projects that would better serve the area.

“The big thing is that the M.D. covers a vast area. We’re talking all the way to the Saskatchewan border to west of Bonnyville, because of that people who live in the M.D., they use the rec facilities in different communities,” said Reeve Greg Sawchuk.

“So what we want to try and do is to find out where they’re using those facilities, how much they’re using them, what they would like to see in the future. And if it’s something big, are they actually willing to pay for it.”

An add-on to the survey is a concept plan for a proposed “recreation area” outside of Bonnyville on Highway 28.

During the last M.D. council meeting yesterday, council passed a motion to expand the budget of the company running the assessment, to include a site plan with high-level capital costs for this rec area.

“It’s all in the very early stage and it’s only being proposed at this time – some sort of recreation area. We talked about doing it in the vicinity of Bonnyville on Highway 28. It would encompass ball diamonds, some camping, and things like that,” said Sawchuk.

The M.D. will host follow up open houses in September to show the layout of the facility, and other feedback from the survey.

“Again it’s all in the proposal stage, and it all falls in line with our rec survey. We’re really throwing everything at the board just to get everyone’s imaginations going, but also weed out what the community really wants.”

The survey will arrive in people’s mailboxes August 10. There will also be digital copies of the survey available.