Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Rookie Rugby Lets the Young Ones Learn

The Cold Lake Penguins Rugby Club hosted a rookie rugby camp on Saturday. The two hour event saw 55 kids aged 4-12 from across the lakeland region get acquianted with rugby for the first time. It was non-contact and free to participate.

“The idea is just an introduction to the game,” said Coach Jared Nichols. “Rugby has been around for a long time but it’s not a very common sport in North America. And it’s gaining a lot of traction, especially with the Olympics recently. Team Canada winning bronze at the Olympics. We’re just trying to bring rugby to the youth in the lakeland area.”

Various volunteers from the high-school rugby program helped organize several small stations across the Cold Lake Energy Centre rugby fields so there was lots to do.  Several parents drove from Bonnyville, and even one family came from Lloydminster.

“Today we’re just learning and getting them out to have fun. They’re learning basic ball handling and just fitness skills, learning the basics of the game, and trying to do it in a safe non-contact way.”

This is the second year the club has held a rookie camp.

Nichol says that he’s hoping to put on a similar type of event in Bonnyville for July.

“We’re going to be looking for a date in July on a Saturday or Sunday, and we’ll be coming out and doing the exact same thing…and our goal with the youth program is just to spread the love of the sport to the lakeland. So if anyone in Bonnyville has a venue they want to contact me through the Penguins facebook page or through Lakeland Connect – I’d be happy to talk with them.”


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