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St. Paul Town Council Highlights – May 14, 2018

Proclamations Policy

The town does not often receive requests for Proclamations, a statement declared by Mayor or Council in support of special days or periods of time in support of community-based campaigns or programs. But when they do, Council has found that the requests come with short notice and without appropriate wording in the specified format. In an effort to establish clearer guidelines in regards to which events will receive a proclamation, Council moved that Administration draft a new policy specifically detailing which events Council will proclaim. Council is also aware that as new requests for proclamations are submitted and new non-profit organizations formed, the policy will likely be subject to fairly regular amendments.

The Quonset Hut

There is a Quonset hut that resides on Town land behind the Ag Corral. The hut is in a state of egregious disrepair with a mouse infestation, holes in windows and roofs, and structural damage.

“The hut sits less than ten feet away from the new museum extension, and so it’s in our best interest to have it removed,” said Aline Brousseau, Director of Planning & Legislative Services. The Town does not have an expensive demolition worked into their current budget, so they moved to advertise the hut as for sale. Interested buyers must be able to remove the Quonset hut from the property to their own, at no expense to the town.

Wastewater Borrowing

Bylaw 1244: Debenture Borrowing Bylaw for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Project underwent its third and final reading. The Bylaw was initially introduced at the Council meeting on March 26, 2018, and states that the Town will borrow the required $5,624,000 to complete the upgrade from Alberta Capital Finance Authority.

Welcome Signs

As you enter St. Paul, you’ll see a sign welcoming you to the home of Brett Kissel, Marcel Rocque, and more. To date, there is no specific requirement or criteria in regards to which individuals will be featured on the welcome signs or why. To bring structure to the decision-making process in that regard, Council moved for Administration to draft a policy with specific criteria for one’s name to be included on the signs. The policy will take into account facts such as the length of time an individual has or had lived in St. Paul or the Lakeland area, their level of national or international renown, as well as how long a given name should remain on the welcome signs.

Tax Notice and Assessment Dates

Under the Municipal Government Act, municipalities must provide notice that tax/assessments have been sent out within seven days of their sending. In addition, any complaints regarding assessments must be made within 60 days of the Notice of Assessment date.

The Town will send out mail combined tax/assessment notices on June 1. Therefore the Notice of Assessment date will be June 7, 2018, and the final day to submit assessment complaints will be August 30, 2018.

The next meeting of the St. Paul Town Council will take place on May 28, 2018.

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