Friday , 23 July 2021

Crews work Fast to put out Two Grass Fires

Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority (BRFA) responded to two grass fires on Tuesday, confirmed Fire Chief, Brian McEvoy. Both fires were quickly contained and extinguished.

Crews first responded to a grass fire, within town limits, on the south side of Highway 28, said McEvoy. “The fire in town was quickly contained.”

The fire was under control and extinguished within an hour and a half, said the Chief.

Crews were next called to help the Kehewin Fire Department with a cookout that got out of hand. “Somebody was having a wiener roast and it jumped to high grass.” The second fire took about three hours to extinguish.

“The message to everybody is, even though the ground is wet and there’s a lot of moisture on the ground, the grass and brush is really quite dry and easily ignitable,” cautioned McEvoy.

“Anybody doing any open burn needs a permit,” permits papers can be obtained out at the BRFA hall or through the Municipal District of Bonnyville. “There are no bans or anything place right now,” that could be a possibility, residents are asked to watch for updates.

“It’s mostly grass fires, this time of year, but they can turn into brush fires, very easily.”

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