Sunday , 29 May 2022

The stage is set…

Tickets are still available for The Saloonkeeper’s Daughter.

Enjoy hanging out in a saloon with dancing girls, an Irish bartender, some local yokels, an evil villain, and his dull-witted sidekick?  Well, come on down to Elk Point Arts and Leisure Centre and join the fun! There’s no need to drive far to enjoy an evening of food and entertainment.  Dinner theatre is alive and well in the Lakeland where, for the next two weekends, a scrumptious buffet dinner will be followed by the hilarious antics of some of your very own friends and neighbours – talented actors who perform for your laughs and claps, not for the money. (There is none – the actors, producers, and crews are all volunteers!)  

Tickets are still available at $45 a piece: definitely a bargain for a night of great food and great fun.  Pick from Friday, March 9; Saturday, March 10; Friday, March 16, or Saturday, March 17; pull together some friends, and call 1 780-227-1420 to order your tickets now! Chow down time is 6:30 pm, but the doors will be open by 6:00.

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