In Elk Point

The latest news from Elk Point Council Chambers

Golf Club

At Elk Point Town Council’s meeting on February 26, Don Schultz, president of the Elk Point Golf & Country Club, provided an update. Schultz noted that although revenue for 2017 was down, the golf membership fees will remain at the same rate as they have been for the past seven years.  At $500 per adult member, it’s is one of the lowest rates in the Lakeland. Even better, a 10% saving is offered to members who pay by March 31.


Recent upgrades to the golf course include resurfacing on some of the cart paths, more trees for added challenge, and two new tee boxes, as well as pumps for the reservoir and new kitchen appliances.


To keep costs low, the club is looking for innovative ways to increase revenue, and are willing to discuss events with organizations.  They’d also like help working a casino at the end of 2018.


TD Canada Trust closure

Clients of TD Canada Trust received a letter informing them that the Elk Point branch will be closing as of August 24, 2018. Council is disappointed, as they anticipate ripple effects to businesses like restaurants and gas stations which benefit when people are drawn to downtown. Main Street (50th Street) has been anchored by the TD for over 70 years.


Water fill station update

A land swap involving the Town of Elk Point, the County of St. Paul, and Elk Point and District Agricultural Society has provided a location for a water fill station near C.J. Baker Arena.  A cost estimate shows the project is over budget, but the County of St. Paul has agreed to help provide gravel, haul it in, and construct the service road to the station. The Town continues to seek options for funding a concrete pad.  The contractor interested in doing the underground work is willing to carry the town for a period of time.

Abandoned house

A partially constructed house on 60th Avenue sits empty, although its taxes are being paid. According to CAO Ken Gwozdz, there is no issue from the safety codes officer, but the property could be considered unsightly and unsafe. If a formal complaint is received in writing, then the town will enforce the permit under the land-use bylaw and move to prosecution.