Highway 28 and Highway 41 Area Structure Plan

The Municipal District of Bonnyville is set to engage with the public through open houses, beginning in April, 2018, to plan for future growth of the lands adjacent to Highways 28 and 41.

The Area Structure Plan (ASP) will be developed collaboratively with residents and business owners. Watch for announcements in the Bonnyville Nouvelle, the M.D. website (www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca) and Social Media (www.facebook.com/MDBonnyville) for opportunities for public input.

The M.D. had already taken steps in the identification for the need of an ASP for Hwys. 28 and 41. The recently completed Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) between the Town of Bonnyville and the M.D. further highlighted the need for more detailed planning for lands adjacent to those two critical transportation corridors. This is why the M.D. has hired Stantec Consulting and initiated the Highway 28 and Highway 41 ASP project.

The project will look at the impacts of development along one mile on each side of Hwys. 28 and 41. The ASP will cover Hwy. 28 from the Town of Bonnyville’s west boundary to Township Road 610 and from the Town of Bonnyville’s northeast boundary to the Hamlet of Fort Kent, as well as Hwy. 41 from the Town of Bonnyville’s north boundary to Hwy. 55 and the boundary of the Hamlet of La Corey.

The project will be completed in four phases:
Phase 1 – Project initiation
Phase 2 – Current state analysis – “Where are we now?”
Phase 3 – Principles, draft policies, and preliminary land use concept – “Where are we going?”
Phase 4 – Finalizing the ASP – “How will we get there?”


For more information contact:

Caroline Palmer | Director – Planning & Development Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 [email protected] 780-826-3171 Ext 9251

Bonnie McInnis | Senior Associate/Community Developm ent Stantec Consulting Ltd. [email protected] 780-969-3374(tele) or 780-394-6436(cell)