Band of Rascals to bring a Thunderous Noise to Snöjuhla

Bringing high energy and nuts & bolts rock n’ roll, Band of Rascals is set to hit the Bumper to Bumper Snow Stage at Snöjuhla on February 17th, at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort. Joined by three of the four Band of Rascals; Lead Guitarist, Malcom Owen-Flood, Bass Guitarist, Sean “The Noche” Marcy, and Drummer, Marcus Manhas, the band promises you’ll be in for a fun show.

Band of Rascals has been making their way across Canada, in Ontario tonight playing Burnstown and then onto Toronto, for a Thursday evening show at the Horseshoe Tavern. “The shows have been really fun and we’re having a great time,” says Marcus, adding that the band was able to do the tourist thing while in Ontario; stopping in at Niagara Falls. “Noche had never been there before, he had a little freak-out,” the band laughs. Noche adds with a child-like joy in his voice, “I was really excited!”

The foursome will be making their way back west, with a stop in BC, before heading into Alberta, for a few dates. One of those being Snöjuhla at Kinosoo Ridge. They’ve played a few ski-town style shows before, in Sun Peaks, Whistler and Revelstoke. The group is pumped for the festival atmosphere promised at Snöjuhla.

The band brings a vintage-rock vibe with them, inspirations “are really varied and depends on the songs,” says Malcom. You can hear elements of 1970’s rock in their music, with touches of Led Zeppelin and Leonard Skynyrd. Always trying to expand their sound, Marcus says he’s been listening to a lot of jazz lately, “that may come out in later songs, that we’re writing.”

Their latest EP, Tempest,  was produced by Grammy and Juno award winning producer Eric Ratz. Ratz has worked with a multitude of Canadian bands, including Big Wreck, Danko Jones, Big Sugar and Billy Talent. Reflecting on the experience, Malcom says, “it was so cool. He was the perfect guy for the job.” Ratz was able to pull out the vision the ban had for the album, by building an instant relationship with the group. Marcus explains, “personally, we became friends. He made us all feel super comfortable. We just bro’d out with him, right off the bat.” Malcom adds, “he was so full of knowledge. He knew exactly what to say to get the sounds that he wanted. It was a crazy experience for us.”

The band goes back before the music, explains the Noche, “Marcus and I were good friends, back in high school.” The pair worked together in the Autoparts Department of Canadian Tire. Marcus jumps in, “actually I worked… the Noche just sat there, while we were supposed to work.” The Noche had known Malcom for a number of years, as well. All of them had jammed together at one point in time, Malcom adds, “we didn’t really become besties until we all lived in a van together.”

“It’s definitely a lot of fun! We’re stoked to bring our show up there,” Band of Rascals jokingly promises, “a lot of sweat, even if it’s cold.” Tickets to Snöjuhla are on sale now. It’s a full-day of skiing/snowboarding and tubing. Along with three live bands, Band of Rascals, Shred Kelly, and Raygun Cowboys. For more information or to purchase your tickets visit:

All three bands will also be performing at the Grande Parlour in Cold Lake following their performance. It is the official Snöjuhla After-Party Jam Session. For tickets and information, visit