M.D. of Bonnyville Council Highlights


COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS December 13, 2017

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#1 Rural Property Crime Prevention – The Public Safety Department has competed its first full year of doing rural property crime prevention patrols in the M.D. Officers have had some success in coming across crimes in process, as well as allaying resident concerns over suspicious vehicles and persons in their communities. Officers are responding to tips from M.D. residents and providing increased patrols in those areas.


#2 Ardmore Speed Limit Sign Request – The M.D. of Bonnyville is asking Alberta Transportation to correct the speed signs on Ardmore’s Main Street (Highway 892). The M.D. is asking transportation officials to replace the 50 km an hour signs that are missing on the north and south ends of the hamlet.


#3 Intersection Markings Review – M.D. Council is asking Alberta Transportation to review the intersection markings on Highway 28, at the turnoffs to the hamlets of Fort Kent and Ardmore. The intersection markings are currently different at each intersection (almost the opposite of each other), creating confusion for the highway driver. Council is asking Alberta Transportation to mark the intersections in a consistent manner. Council is also asking for proper signage to accompany the pavement markings, as they become obscured by snow and slush in winter, and simply wear off by the spring.


#4 Ag and Waste Update – Council approved the purchase of a 550 truck with dump box, blade and sander not to exceed $86,000. In the 2017 review report to Council, Ag and Waste Director Matt Janz said the M.D. will be reviewing any upcoming contracts with Carillion to mow provincial highway ditches.


#5 Transportation and Utilities News – Night shift is continuing to travel priority routes and monitor road conditions for the department. Birch Grove drainage has been completed for this year, with work to start again in the summer of 2018 as time and conditions allow. Wet weather wreaked havoc on road projects this year and created an abundance of drainage issues, as it was a one in 50-year flood event. There were 37 days of rain during the construction season, which created over 70 drainage issues that ranged from culvert replacement to drainage plans of 300 metres of culvert and ditching improvements. T&U completed 10 projects for a total of eight miles of road construction this year. The remaining two projects either had land issues or scope changes on the projects. The Rip and Relay Program completed all nine projects for a total of 13 miles this year, as well as other minor road projects that needed to be addressed. The Road Oiling Program completed all eight projects for a total of 10 miles. Both programs were cost effective as possible with road mixing cold mix. The Paving Program completed six projects, for a total of nine miles and has just top lift asphalt remaining on two more projects. Two projects were moved forward to the 2018 list for completion. The Paving Crews placed almost 50,000 tonnes of hot mix during the season. The Contracted Crews completed the base paving on Gurneyville Road, with some cleanup carryover to next year, as well as the Ardmore Surface Works west side, with a $40,000 completion deadline penalty incurred. Micro surfacing of the LARA Road was completed as a trial to see how the product will work for future applications. All in all, Director of T&U Darcy Zelisko said 2017 ended up being a fairly good construction year considering the weather.


#6 Public Safety Update – Public Safety Director Chris Garner and Officers Stephen Goguen and Kevin Rowan received their Alberta Emergency Service medals for providing over 12 years of service to the public. Public Safety has been assisting North East Muni-Corr Ltd. with issues at the Beaver River Trestle. The M.D. has added signs warning vehicle drivers not to go further along the trail. Cameras were set up to record vehicles going past the signs, with 55 violations tallied. Some follow-up charges were laid. Public Safety has worked closely with Transportation and Utilities this year to ensure trucks and equipment used by M.D. contractors are hauling safely on our roads. The Life Choices Program introduced this year by the School Resource Officers has been well received by junior high students. The program improves Officers’ ability to build relationships with students.


#7 Planning and Development News – In November, 10 Development Permits were issued, including five Residential and five Industrial, with a year-to-date total of $21,076,939. Year-to-date housing starts include 32 Single Family Dwellings and 15 Mobile Home Units. In November, 66 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued. The M.D. has 31 Subdivision Applications to date. Eleven Road Closure and Lease bylaws were renewed for three-year terms. Council agreed to enter into a three-year lease agreement for the Ardmore Lagoon property, NE 35-61-4 W4M, for the grazing of livestock, at the rate of $15 per acre/year for the 90 acres not required for lagoon operations.


q#8 Parks, Recreation & Culture Update – Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort is open for skiers, snowboarders and tubers. The Ridge had its best opening day ever, with over 800 people hitting the hill. Registration for camps and lessons is in full swing. February’s Family Day weekend Snow Fever and Snojuhla have been announced. Please like the Snow Fever Facebook page to get all the up-to-date notices. Parks staff are building a storage shed for Muriel Lake and renovating the shower house at Cold Lake M.D. Park.


#9 Funding Support – Land of the Lakes Recreation Association, Sandy Rapids Community Club, Goodridge Social and Ag Society and the Cherry Grove Recreation & Agricultural Society received their Annual 2017 Operating Grants of $25,000 each. The Cold Lake Museum Society received its $17,500 Annual Operating Grant. Franchere Social Community Centre received its $5,000 Annual 2017 Operating Grant. Council approved a request from the Hearts For Healthcare organization to donate the Kinosoo Ridge site for a five kilometre Inflatable Run on June 16, 2018. The event will have food trucks, a kid zone and beer gardens. Council agreed to contribute $250 to the Filipino Canadian Community to assist with their Christmas Supper on December 17. Sport Funding was given to Ecole Des Beaus Lacs Volleyball and Cross Country Run Teams ($750 each), Panthers Bantam All Star Game ($250), Glendon School Volleyball ($500) and Cold Lake High School Football ($500).

Pictured: The Public Safety Department presented M.D. Council with a Right Choices Program Banner created by Ms. Robinson’s Grade 5 Class at Dr. Brosseau School. At the conclusion of the Right Choices Program, each student creates a poster about what topics in the five-program modules have impacted them the most. The five modules are Drug Awareness, Bullying and Harassment, Peer Pressure, Alcohol, Tobacco and Caffeine, and Cyberbullying and Internet Safety. The Right Choices program is one of many programs provided by the M..D of Bonnyville School Resource Officers (far left Officer Eshpeter and far right Officer Rupp) to 25 schools in the region.

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