STICK THIS: Wood Slice Snowmen

Snowmen decorations are great because they aren’t just for Christmas, you can have them up all winter. These wood slice snowmen can be made whatever size you like and decorated however you want. Not only are these cute decorations for your home, they make great gifts.

The main component is slices of logs. Larger diameter slices approximately 1″ thick can be attached to a larger board and smaller diameter slices approximately 1/2″ thick can be attached to a craft (popsicle) stick or twig.

You can decorate the snowmen with a variety of items, such as buttons, fabric or ribbon for scarves, painted wood bits, glitter, stickers, and more. Once the wood slices have been cut, kids can help with the assembly and decorate the snowmen.


– slices of logs

– board or craft stick

– glue gun or wood glue

– white acrylic paint

– black and orange acrylic paint or permanent markers

– buttons, “scarf”, and other decorations

– string, ribbon or wire for hanging, if desired

1. Cut (or have cut) the logs into slices. Leave natural or paint with white acrylic paint. Water down the paint if you want to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through. Allow the paint to dry.

2. Glue three slices to a board or craft stick. Add a hanging loop if desired. Allow glue to dry.

3. Paint or glue on eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Tie or glue on a “scarf”. Add any other decorations you like.

DONE! Display your beautiful snowman for all your guests to see.