Wednesday , 19 January 2022

Increased patrols on Jessie Lake to help deter littering

Bonnyville Bylaw officer, Constable Wanda Decoste spoke to Town Council on Tuesday evening at the regular Council meeting regarding the littering problems at Jessie Lake. “I didn’t realize how big of a problem it was, until I started patrolling it more.”

“We’ve sent out emails, requesting that members do extra patrols on their shifts and now it’s come to a point where there’s a few other hot spots,” Cst. Decoste explains it started with the parking lot across from the high school, on Jessie Lake and grew to Lakeshore Drive in general. “The members are detailing what they’ve done and I’ve been documenting that.”  Cst. Decoste is hopeful with the extra patrols and the snow & cold, the litter bugs will be kept at bay.

Another initiative put in place on Lakeshore Drive, is a speed sign.

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