Bonnyville secures over $4MIL a year from Air Weapons Range

Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson released details today outlining a new funding formula for ID349 impacting a number of Municipalities within the Bonnyville region. The Town of Bonnyville will receive just over $4 million a year per year for five years. Plus potential for more under a regional agreement.

On January 1, 2012, the Province of Alberta entered into an agreement with various Municipalities in North Eastern Alberta to reallocate Municipal taxes generated from assessment on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range and area to the North of the Range. The rationale used by the Alberta Government to substantiate this reallocation is the sustainability of 4 Wing and the Air Base located within the City of Cold Lake. By doing so, the sustainability of the surrounding Municipalities and Districts were compromised as the City of Cold Lake received the bulk of the funding.  The agreement subsequently expired January 1, 2017.

This spring, the Town of Bonnyville met with surrounding Municipalities, Municipal Districts and Indigenous neighbors. Collaboratively, a new funding formula fairly distributing the ID 349 funds was developed and presented to Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson.

After many consultations, the Minister announced a new formula, fairly distributing funds within the region, including our Indigenous neighbors.

“We are so grateful for the collaborative efforts between Municipal Affairs and the region. The previous model emphasized funding for a targeted area; the new model is all encompassing. The dispersal of the funds will ensure that core infrastructure needs can be addressed within the region. The positive, progressive relationship between the Alberta Government and our region will be a successful collaboration model for all communities within the province to follow” Mayor Gene Sobolewski stated. The Town of Bonnyville will receive just over $4 million a year for five years under the agreement.

Mayor Laura Papirny from the Village of Glendon echoed Mayor Sobolewski’s sentiments, and went on to add, “We are very grateful for this funding opportunity to provide us with resources to put toward our critical infrastructure funding needs.”