Get to know the Alberta Party

Your opportunity to learn more about the Alberta Party is coming up on November 16th, when the newly formed Two Hills – St. Paul – Lac La Biche constituency will be meeting at Lakeland Brewery, in St. Paul, to discuss the party’s ideals and beliefs. One of the persons that was instrumental in forming the Two Hills – St. Paul – Lac La Biche constituency of the party, Justin Anderson explains what attracted him to the Alberta Party.

“For me, after the last election, I felt ‘party lost’, being a centralist,” as Anderson explains his beliefs didn’t fully fall under the NDP platform or at the time, the Wildrose or Progressive Conservative party platforms. “I went and did some digging and the Alberta Party kinda filled that void, their more centralist and more inline with my views. Parts of their platforms look a little bit like the NDP, and other parts go a little bit more to the right. In the end, it’s all centralist-based politics.”

On November 16th, the party is hosting an information night of sorts, Beers and Politics: Political meeting for interested people. “We’ll be talking a bit about what the Alberta Party is about and hopefully garner interest for someone to run in the area, for the next election,” Anderson confirms that the constituency is set up. He explains they wanted to move forward with setting up the constituency, before the possible redrawing of the electoral boundaries, so the party could get some good momentum. There are plans for if the boundaries are moved, “there are factors on how the constituency is even going to look. If we’re lumped in with Fort Saskatchewan, then we’ll have to focus a lot in Fort Saskatchewan because that’s where a big chunk of the constituency will be. If we’re in with Bonnyville, then we’ll host a bunch of these information sessions, throughout the Lakeland.”

At this point, Anderson does not see himself stepping forward as a candidate, he laughs, “one day maybe. I just took on the school board trustee position, for the Glen Avon district, I want to focus a lot of my time and energy on that.” For now, Anderson will help spread the word about the Alberta Party, stating with the information session on the 16th. The event will be held at Lakeland Brewery Company at 7:00 pm.

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