St. Paul Council Jumpstarts Hot Topics

The Town of St. Paul Council jumped right into the hot topics at the October 30th Town Council meeting. Presented to Council for discussion was an array of topics that came up during the campaign run. Mayor of St. Paul, Maureen Miller, says she wants to compile the hot items and have a break out meeting where Council can address all the issues at once.

“The jumpstart is ideas from the community. The whole process that we’re going through is the priorities of the community. We have to stay within our budget, but maybe the priorities have changed [from those of the last Council].” Mayor Miller explains the October 30th meeting was just the first of the discussions in relation to hot topics important to the community. “We’re going to throw all of our items together, because some of them will cross over. For example, if we’re trying to be open in communication, one of the items was going back to a newsletter to engage or more visible in social media.” As the mayor explains each Councillor and she will bring their items to the table and they will be group together as they fit and discussed.

“We’ll break [all the items] out and then we’ll come to the meeting with a few at a time,” Miller says the items will be brought back until they are all addressed. “We will get threw the list and we are committed.” The jumpstart item will remain on the agenda until they are all addressed, confirms the mayor.

Some items on the October 30th jumpstart list include communication with the residents, vision statement for the Town, protocols for Town Administration and staff, policies, bylaws, master plans and strategic plans for the Town.