Under the Big Top for BCHS’ Annual Coffee House

Students in the IMPACT group at Bonnyville Centralized High School are hosting their annual Coffee House event on Wednesday November 8th.  This year’s theme is circus and is sure to be as exciting as it is beneficial. The event brings free trade coffee and handmade artisan market gifts to Bonnyville to benefit Kenya.

“The Coffee House is a really fun event,” IMPACT member and student at BCHS, Shawna Bilodeau, explains how the event runs, “there’s a five dollar admission and you’ll get a couple tickets for a beverage and a piece of cake. You’ll also get to buy a bunch of stuff.” The market will be set up in the “pit”, says Shawna, “we’ve got honey, jewelry, toys for kids… It’s a great place to grab Christmas gifts.”

Hannah Bouvier, student and IMPACT member explains why they bring in free trade goods, such as coffee, “we sell the free trade market, so that the people that actually make the products, in the third-world countries, actually make the money that they should. Compared to making dimes when they should be making dollars.” Hannah explains further how BCHS is able to help the artisans, “there’s no middle-man. We take the money directly to the people making the products and all the money goes directly back to them. Compared to the middle-man having a mark-up and [the artisans or workers] not getting the money they actually deserve.”

The high school organizes the event with IMPACT, the school’s community-social group. IMPACT stands for “Influencing My Peers And Community Together”. HE Bourgoin Middle School students also help with the event. The event is open to the public on Wednesday Novembe 8th from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.