Sunday , 26 September 2021

Local artist, Shane Larmand, asks for your votes

Local musician, Shane Larmand needs your help in winning a fan-vote based competition that would see his album in record stores across the country. With less than a week left in the Sunrise Records Local Artists competition, every vote matters!

“I did a recording in the summer, in Bonnyville at 302 Productions,” the recording studio is home-based, which allowed Larmand to work closely with owner/producer Jeff Weeks.  “I’ve been playing in bands for years and have had songs for years. This time around, I’ve decided to go solo singer-songwriter.” The album brings together songs that Larmand has been working on for years, as well as newly inspired music. “You can best describe my sound as folk rock with blues.” Helping Larmand on the album were a mix of local artists; Robert Burns (bass/lead guitar), Randy Padlesky (drums), Justin Ouelette (acoustic guitar/background vocals), and Nicole Bruseeilins.

“If we win [the competition], Sunrise Records will print 500 copies on record and CD of my most-recent recording. They’ll distribute 400 each of them to all their stores across the country,” Larmand says the opportunity is huge and can grow into something more. “Any town that there’s a Sunrise Records, you could start hitting up the press around there and let them know you won the competition; really use it as a springboard for some promotion.”

“I’ve been promoting myself a lot more, since the summer,” Larmand says he’s really been chasing the music dream for the last few month. He’s a music teacher during the day, at FG Miller Jr/Sr High School, where he helps young artists blossom. He’s also known in the local music scene for helping aspiring artists and hosting a once-a-month open mic night at the Players Lounge, in Bonnyville. “You can say the best of local talent comes out. It’s a great jam”.

“Massive thank you to everybody that’s supported. It’s been amazing the amount of local support I’ve received. It kinda blows my mind,” Larmand says there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing the support from fans, “I’ve been doing music for 25 years, it’s a huge part of my life. It’s the right time for a cool opportunity like this to come around.”

To vote for Shane Larmand, visit the Sunrise Records Facebook Page. You can follow Shane Larmand Music on Facebook for more updates. Voting closes on October 31st at midnight. 

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