Thursday , 23 September 2021

Pelechosky hopes to bring her Experience + Knowledge to Ward 6

Councillor Candidate, for Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville, Debra Pelechosky says she’ll bring experience and knowledge of municipal politics with her, should she be successful in her bid for Ward 6 Councillor. Pelechosky spent nine years on City of Cold Lake Council before moving to the MD. With the proximity of the Ward to the city, Pelechosky believes her relationships and knowledge of the city will be a huge asset on MD Council.

For the last 20 years, Pelechosky has owned property in the MD at Marie Lake, “for the last two or three years, my husband and I have chose to make the cabin our permanent residence. I’m very happy to be a residence of the MD of Bonnyville.” After moving to the MD and retiring from occupation health nursing, Pelechosky found she was missing politics and the political life, “I decided to put my name forward in this election.”

“I’ve worked in the oil industry, as an occupational health nurse, for 28 years. Working in the industry gave me a corporate understanding of how you run a business. Understanding corporate values and best business practices. I feel I can add all those values in governing my ward in the MD of Bonnyville.” Pelechosky explains she will bring a wealth of knowledge with her, should she be successful on October 16th.

“I have always been involved in volunteer work,” Pelechosky has been involved with the Cold Lake Ambulance Society (CLAS) for 17 years, “I just recently stepped down as president to run for Councillor.” The CLAS provides services to the city, as well as Ward 6 and partly into Ward 5 of the MD and Cold Lake First Nations and Elizabeth Métis Settlement. Pelechosky was the lead on a major project, which brought accreditation to the CLAS, “I was the lead in development over 300 standards for accreditation. We’ve very pleased to be a fully accredited ambulance service.”

Top Priorities

  1. Public Safety – Pelechosky hopes to improve public safety by working on crime reduction tactics; locally, regionally and provincially. “Work together with the RCMP, Peace Officers, all the municipalities and see how we can develop a plan that will reduce the crime in the area.”
  2. Infrastructure Upgrades – increased lighting at subdivison and subdivision intersections. Flood reductions, by improving flow in the ditches and drainage ponds.
  3. Speed Limits in the Subdivisons – Pelechosky noted that a lot of subdivisions do not have speed limits posted, which creates a safety hazard for residents and their children.
  4. Enhanced Medical Services – bringing specialized medical care to the area, so more patients can stay in the area for treatments. Conduct a needs assessment as to which services are needed. Pelechowsky identifies two she hopes to be able to lobby for, kidney dialysis and enhanced mental health services.
  5. Enhanced Recreational Services – Pelechosky says one area she sees as an opportunity is Kinisoo Ridge Ski Resort and the possibilities of turning it into an all-season destination. Creating all-seasons campgrounds and promoting winter camping in the region.

“I would like to encourage everyone to go out and vote. It is your civic duty and I am a strong believer in practicing your civic rights.” Election day is October 16th, with two polling stations in Ward 6; Cherry Grove Hall and Cold Lake Energy Centre. For more information on advanced polls and special ballots, contact the Municipal District of Bonnyville at 780-826-3171 ext. 9203 or visit md.bonnyville.ab.ca.

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