Elk Point Firefighters caught in Action for new Boat

The Elk Point Fire Department is putting together a calendar of the force in action to raise money for a new rescue boat. Fire Chief, Jordan Cousins, says a new boat is needed after the old one proved to be unreliable.

“The old boat just isn’t made for the river here. We went out on a rescue this year, with 3 people on the boat, got down the North Saskatchewan River, in about a half hour to Heinsburgh, took almost 2 hours to get back, because we kept bottoming out,” Chief Cousins says the force will be looking into more river friendly boats. The Fire Department is in the process of researching boats and costs.

The fire fighters came up with a fun idea to make a calendar of the crew in action, says Cousins,”it’s gonna be pictures of us in action, putting out fires, cutting up cars(obviously no people or bad ones) and pictures of us in uniform.” The fire department will be using local photographer, Cathy Olstad, to capture them in action.

“We’re hoping to have the calendar done and ready to sell for January.” Cousins promises to keep Lakeland Connect updated as to when the calendars will be ready for sale.