Saturday , 24 July 2021

Scott Cyr endorses Jason Kenney

On Monday, while Jason Kenney visited Bonnyville and Cold Lake, the United Conservative Party leader candidate received the endorsement from Bonnyville-Cold Lake, MLA Scott Cyr. With Cyr’s endorsement, Jason has now received 11 endorsements from both former Wildrose and PC MLAs, and is the only candidate to have endorsements from both legacy parties.

Quotes for attribution

“As a former accountant, Scott has consistently defended fiscal responsibility and respect for taxpayer dollars. I applaud his efforts to bring fiscal accountability to the Legislature as a member of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and to the Wildrose Caucus office. Scott will be a valuable part of the team as we work to bring Alberta’s finances back to balance.” – Jason Kenney, UCP Candidate

“I am supporting Jason because I firmly believe that he is the only one with the right experience to bring fiscal responsibility back to Alberta, and put an end to the NDPs reckless spending. Having previously spoken out about the deficit left by the leader of the Wildrose caucus, I am confident Jason will bring back accountability to caucus spending decisions. More importantly, Jason has a long history of standing up for taxpayers, and fighting for lower taxes. I am confident he will bring those same principles as leader of the United Conservatives.” – Scott Cyr, UCP MLA (Bonnyville-Cold Lake)

MLA Cyr is not the only politician to endorse Jason Kenney while he was in the Lakeland, former Two Hills-St. Paul- Lac La Biche MLA Shayne Saskiw also endorsed Kenney; as did former Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Genia Leskiw.

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