Thursday , 29 July 2021
Left to Right: Rob Bush (Survivor Lakeland), Brad Ollen & Robb Hunter (KidSport Bonnyville)

$50K Donated to KidSport Bonnyville through Survivor Lakeland

Survivor Lakeland presented a cheque for $50,000 to KidSport Bonnyville on Wednesday. The money came from the annual reality show-esq fundraiser that was held for five days over the summer, in Bonnyville. Chairperson of KidSport Bonnyville, Brad Ollen, says the money will ensure 200 or more kids will be able to play sports.

“Obviously, it was fantastic for us. I believe it was the highest amount that Survivor Lakeland has raised, so for us to be on receiving end of that is just outstanding. We’re going to be able to support over 200 kids in our area,” Ollen says the club is excited to be able to pay it forward and help the community through this donation. “Some kids may not be able to participate in sports without events like this and donations like this.”

In January, KidSport Bonnyville put out a call for help from the community after finding their donations dwindling. The organization was even in threat of closing its doors and not being able to help any kids. Right away, Bonnyville businesses sprung to action and donations started pouring in. Big events were held in their honour; including the Curtis Hargrove 24 hour Run for KidSport and they were the recipients of the Klinman Cup Charity Golf Tournament.

“This community is just fantastic in supporting local organizations,” Ollen says he was blown away at how many people wanted to help KidSport. It wasn’t just corporate donation either, local kids were donating money from their piggy banks and asking for donations in leu of birthday gifts to make sure all kids had a chance to play sports in Bonnyville.

“We expected the community to step up, like they always do… but to this extent was just fantastic,” Ollen says the organization is solid for a few years thanks to the donations. “We have streamlined our operations to ensure that the funds are going to the families that need it.”

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