You are Flawsome

Author Cheryl Hunter is bringing the body positivity movement to the Lakeland with new book

Over 30 local women attended the Love Your Body photoshoot during the Labour Day long weekend as part of a body positivity book that author Cheryl Hunter is working on.

“I have to thank Caitlyn Blake with Wild at Heart Photography. She took my vision and really brought it to life,” Hunter says she collaborated with a local photographer, Caitlyn Blake for the Love Your Body Photoshoot. The photoshoot took local mothers, of all body types and ages, and asked them to strip down to their underwear for a very intimate and raw look at themselves. “What we found, over the course of the photoshoots, is that women have had boob jobs, tummy tucks, fake eyelaces, make-up… whatever, and yet their still not happy. You could still have the ‘perfect’ body and their still not happy. So it’s not the body, it’s the perception. You have to change the actual idea of what you’re looking at, not the actual body.”

Change the perception, not the image. – Cheryl Hunter Author

“Through this process I have been able to change my perception. I haven’t lost any weight or anything, but I have been able to look at myself and say, ‘no, you’re beautiful’. It doesn’t matter if you’re up five pounds or down five pounds, it’s about your perception.” Hunter hopes that the photoshoot was therapeutically healing for the women involved, “I applaud all of these women for being very vulnerable and allowing us to capture that.”

“It started as a healing project for me, I had self-image problems in my life, as most women do and may not be able to admit is,” Hunter explains that by working through her negative self-image problems and becoming a mom she found that she could help other women in opening up with her own struggles. “There’s so many challenges in becoming a mom, body image and being the perfect mom. I decided to blow the lid off the idea of the perfect women; because we are not perfect, we’re flawsome.”

We are not perfect, we’re flawsome! – Cheryl Hunter Author

“Flawsome is embracing your flaws and knowing your awesome anyways,” Hunter explains that her person experience with body image, motherhood, and infertility issues have made her the perfect vessel for opening up the conversation, “blowing the lid off of all these topics, which are kinda taboo.”

“Women don’t feel like we can talk about it, and you feel alone,” Hunter says when she was at her lowest, instead of retreating further into darkness alone, she started opening up and talking about her mental well-being. She found that the more she spoke on it, the more other women were responding and opening up about their same struggles. “We’re all feeling the exact same; we’re not alone!”

Hunter’s book is expected to be completed in February 2018. You can follow the journey and capture snapshots of the process on Cheryl Hunter’s Facebook Page, @cherylhuntercreations.