Sunday , 1 August 2021

Get Ready to Bark in the Park

Annual Bark in the Park celebrations held Saturday at Humane Society in Cold Lake

The Lakeland Humane Society is hosting their annual full-day celebration fundraiser on Saturday, kicking off with a fun walk and leading into afternoon activities. Organizer, Nicole Mbanefo says there is still time to participate.

“We’re really trying to get people to come out for the walk. You’re going to be walking your dog anyways, so you might as well come out and walk with us,” Nicole says the walk will start at 10:00 am and there is $20 entry fee. The money will go towards the annual veterinary bills that the Humane Society incurs. The entire event actually serves as a big fundraiser to offset vet costs, says Nicole, “we’re expected to have to spend $65,000 in veterinary bills this year, alone.”

“We start [at the Humane Society] and walk to the Tri-City Mall and then back. There will be water stations along the way, with Timbits for a little treat when we get back,” the walk is expected to take an hour, says Nicole. “Then our family fun fest activities will begin, as well as the Jail & Bail.”

“The Jail & Bail is one of the biggest fundraising events for us,” Nicole explains local celebrities and dignitaries, as well as people who are close to the cause get locked up and must raise money before they are released. “We have bylaw officers who arrest the people, then they are put into our kennels. A judge will create their bail for them,” the participants will then have to phone friends or get sympathy from the crowd to raise their bail amount to be released. “Depending on how many people you know or how much you can raise, the quicker you will get out.” Lakeland Connect’ Curtis Hargrove will be one of the participants in the event.

“We are having a BBQ that afternoon,” Nicole invites the community to join the Humane Society in the afternoon. “We’ll also have bouncy castles, craft corners and a Farmer’s “Barket”. We have 12 different vendors, selling different items. We’re also having a bake sale.” Nicole says they are still accepting goodies for the bake sale, which you could drop off at the shelter anytime before Saturday’s events.

Nicole says the day’s events are made possible thanks to their major sponsor, the Center Animal Hospital. The Humane Society is accepting nominations for the Jail & Bail. If you know anyone you would like to nominate, contact Nicole at 780-594-1896.


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