Lakeland Football Overview: Part 1 – Cold Lake Royals

It’s Football season in the Lakeland once again. The Cold Lake Royals, Bonnyville Voyaguers, and St. Paul Lions are getting set for big fall camps. The Voyaguers, and Royals have started practicing this week (August 16), and the Lions will follow next week. Part one of our overview of football in the Lakeland features the Cold Lake Royals.

Spring camp sets most of roster

The Royals, just like every other football team in the Lakeland, held a spring camp this year. Coach Kelly Johnson explains that the camp pretty much set the roster for the Royals.

“Spring camp [set most of the roster]. A lot of the spots that are being fought for, are now wouldn’t say totally set, but a lot of the positions are pretty solid. We always have competition, especially in the middle of the week. On our Wednesday and Thursday practices, if you want to challenge somebody challenge somebody. We will play the best player.” Coach Johnson says.

Drills at Royals Fall Camp

Cold Lake Royals season ahead

“Looking at the season, we are in tough. We are in the ‘A’ division this year with Bonnyville, and the two Lloyd teams. Man, oh man, there’s nothing easy on the schedule. Bonnyville is going to be primed this year I know, the two Lloyd teams are always good. [Lloydminster] has full rosters of 50 kids, and we’re going to have 25 here. It’s a little tougher for us this year, but we’re going to do the best we can, and try to compete. The boys have some lofty goals. That’s good.” Coach Johnson explains optimistically.

Bantam and Peewees go next week

The Bantam and Peewee sides of Cold Lake football will start next week. The Peewees start on Monday. The Peewee side will practice 4:30-5:30 p.m. at Soholt Field. The Bantams will practice at 6 p.m. with the Senior side. Things will return to a normal schedule when school starts.

Registration not closed yet

Coach Johnson would like to stress that players interested in playing can still come down to the field to sign up, and begin practicing.