Glendon School Celebrates Another Successful Year of Atheltics

On June 14, Glendon School hosted their Athletic Awards Banquet. The night is in recognition of each school teams’ accomplishments throughout the school year, and highlights the performance of students in each sport. Glendon School is also celebrating a major bright spot for track and field.

1A Champions

Back on June 2nd and 3rd, Glendon School captured their 8th straight 1A Track and Field Provincials title. Glendon beat out Eckville by 78 points to take the title. Fourth place finishes and a couple key medals put the point total in favour of Glendon, and allowed for the banner streak to live on.

Awards Night Winners

Below is a list of winners from Glendon School’s Athletic Awards Banquet:

Jr. XC MVP: Cole Lotsberg, Jessie Lotsberg | Heart: Abram Rempel

Sr. XC MVP: Sydney Theroux | Heart: Tristan Dell

Jr. Girls Volleyball: MVP: Sydnee Kwiatkowski, MIP: Jordyn Papirny, Heart: Kaydence Hagen , Rookie: Darcie Gardipee

Jr. Boys Volleyball: MVP: Dawson Wosminity, Heart: Kaleb Ansell, MIP: Thomas Funk

Sr. Boys Volleyball: MVP: Brett Foley, MIP: Wyatt Doonanco, Heart: Carson Doonanco, Rookie: Justin Kwiatkowski

Sr. Girls Volleyball: MVP:  Karlee Voltner, MIP: Faith Janz, Rookie: Destiny Marsh, Heart: Paxton Gamblin

6/7/ Boys Basketball MVP: Dalton Doonanco, MIP: Travis Kotovich, Heart: Connor Nakonechny

6/7 Girls Basketball MVP: Liz Janz, MIP: Maddie Ganser, Heart: Jordyn Papirny

Jr. Boys Basketball: MVP: Dawson Wosminity, MIP: Thomas Funk, Heart: Kaleb Ansell

Jr. Girls Basketball MVP: Keeley Dell, Heart: Nikayla Whelen, MIP: Hanna Kwiatkowski

Sr. Boys Basketball MVP: Josh Foley, MIP: Wyatt Doonanco, Rookie: Seth Papirny, Heart: Justin Kwiatkowski

Sr. Girls Basketball MVP: Brooke McOuat, MIP: Destiny Marsh, Heart: Sam Makaruk, Rookie: Keeley Dell

Curling: Rookie: Justin Kwiatkowski, MIP: Sheldon Kwiatkowski

Jr. Badminton: MVP Keeley Dell, Heart: Daityn Middagh

Sr. Badminton: MVP: Josh Foley, Heart: Tristan Dell

Jr. Track MVP: Jessie Lotsberg, Heart: Sarah Blondeau, MIP: Dayton Funk

Sr. Track MVP: Brooke Skrypichayko, MIP: Brett Foley, Heart: Wyatt Doonanco



Major Awards:

Booster Award: Penny Kostura

Volunteer of the Year Award:Wanda Marsh

Junior Scholar Athlete of the Year: Tycen Nakonechny

Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year: Sam Makaruk

Sportsperson of the Year: Faith Janz,


Athletes of the Year

Jr Girls Keeley Dell

Jr. Boys Dawson Wosminity

Sr. Girls:   Brooke Skrypichayko

Sr. Boys:Carson Doonanco

Maegan Janz Coaches Award: Paige Kwiatkowski

“We’ve been, in terms of a small school,  we’ve been pretty successful over the past 10-15 years. We look to have a decent crew coming up again. Things look good, we hope to continue our success next year.” Daryn Galitiuk, Glendon School’s Athletic Director, says.

Glendon School athletes will now enjoy a summer for training before getting back to work on their school sports in the fall.