What’s Happening Behind the Wheel

Cop Corner with S/Sgt Luis Gandolfi: Issue No. 23

Have you ever wondered how your kids behave while driving your vehicle and you’re not around?  What about that employee you’re just not sure about?  How do they treat your property when you’re not there to monitor them?  You’ll be happy to know that there are products available to help you with this dilemma.

Every vehicle has what’s called an OBD2 plug generally located below the steering wheel on the driver’s side.  It’s what some repair shops plug into in order to analyze what’s wrong with your vehicle.  Some devices you can purchase plug into that plug and store data on how the vehicle is be being driven.  Speed, braking info, stereo volume, etc, all can be reported back to you in real time depending on the device.  In fact some devices go one step further and actually control the vehicle’s abilities, capping speeds, limiting the number of passengers, and so on.

In a unique twist, some insurance companies in Ontario are offering clients reductions on premiums if their installed devices confirm that your driving habits are low risk.  Rewarding good driving is a nice departure from the recent increases in premiums we’ve seen in recent years. Food for thought in any case.  Stay safe.