Hometown Sundown

Olivia Rose to film music video in her hometown.

Leaving home to follow one’s dreams doesn’t mean forgetting home. Olivia Rose Leaf, born and raised in Elk Point, has spent the past four years at Victoria School for the Arts in Edmonton where she has been training to advance her music career, but she has never lost touch with her roots. As a matter of fact, for her song, “Hometown Sundown,” she was awarded the $10 000 Telus Optik Storyhive music video grant. So, she’s coming back to Elk Point to film the video.


In a letter to town council, Olivia Rose explains, “I’d love to highlight the Town of Elk Point and the County of St. Paul as vital, energetic places to live and work.”  She plans to feature Elk Point’s main street, the high school, and the ‘Eco’ Centre, as well as various locations around the county in her Hometown Sundown video.


Filming is scheduled for June 9th and 10th.


The production team hopes to shoot with as little disruption to residents as possible, but would be happy to have families, kids, pets, and such as extras in the video.  


Social media reach was an element of the Storyhive contest. Facebook likes and shares from  fans,  friends, and 116 shares from LakelandConnect readers helped Olivia Rose to garner points for the win.


Check Olivia Rose’s pitch video for the song and lyrics.