Wednesday , 23 September 2020
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Doctor ID name tag on lab coat with stethoscope

Elk Point seeks new Doctor

AHS actively recruiting a new physician for Elk Point.

The Elk Point Health Centre is seeking a new doctor to come to the community. The town had had a doctor lined up; however after finishing his training in nearby St. Paul, he has decided to go to another community. With plans in place for his arrival, the Town feels they are in a good place to attract another doctor to town.

Mayor of Elk Point Parrish Tung explains that although there isn’t a formal recruitment package for new physicians, the Town does help in other ways, “we don’t have any incentive in place for new doctors in town. However, the town is prepared to facilitate their move into town. It will be on a case by case basis as each may have different needs.”

“The request for another doctor was initiated by our existing doctors who feel the need for another doctor in town to share their increasing work load,” Mayor Tung says the two doctors have been serving the community for many years, “they approached AHS (Alberta Health Services) and AHS approved their request.”

“We do hope that it will be successful this time around,” Mayor Tung says he does not know how long the recruitment process will take.

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