Sheena T Kaine Continues to Dominate Boxing World

Kaine remains undefeated after taking down Ortiz

Photo Credit: Ahaha Guhdar Ali (Guhdar Photography)

A strong-never-give-up work ethic is what drives Sheena T Kaine to succeed in the boxing world. The young mother of two, from Fishing Lake, remains undefeated in professional boxing as she stepped back in the ring after an eleven month break.

Taking on Daniela Ortiz (Mexico), the match was not for a title. ” It was my fifth fight as a professional boxer. It was just my next stepping stone towards my title fight. I am still undefeated,” Kaine says remaining undefeated helps with her confidence; ultimately driving her to continue the streak. “It gets to my head to an extent, I try to let it have a positive impact. Builds confidence.”

As a mother to two teenagers, 32-year-old Kaine says she uses lessons from the ring in raising her kids, “I try to teach my kids that anything we want to do is possible, and what I doing now, is a prime example.” Fitting everything into her day can be a challenge, but something she’s willing to take on, “when training camp officially starts, it gets crazy. I have such little time for the kids. It’s tough, emotionally.”

Adding to the pressure, Kaine works a full-time job to support herself and her family. In many ways the hectic life has taught Kaine discipline, “I run in the morning, before work,  go to work, installing carpet. If works slow and there’s no carpet work, I go help my coach/previous boss pour concrete. If there’s no work, I go train at the UFC GYM in Edmonton. Pick up the kids from school, then boxing at Alliance Boxing Club from 6-8pm every evening.” Kaine relies on the support of family and the boxing community to make it all come together. “My parents help so much when it comes to driving the kids to and from school, appointments, sports, etc! Plus, I make time as often as I can to go to Pivotal Therapy’s High Performance Centre. They keep my body running as smooth as it can considering what I put it through! Best place for recovery too.”

For the most part, I do feel I’m living up to being the best role model that I can be. It doesn’t matter what hurdles are placed before me, I train and set myself up to be able to jump over every one of them. – Sheena T Kaine

If you follow Kaine on social media (and you should),  you’ll know she trains hard. When most have given up for the day, you’ll find video of impromptu workouts, stair challenges or Kaine finding ways to fit in some crunches. You’ll typically find Kaine’s boyfriend, Blaze or her kids, joining in on the workouts and supporting one another. “If something comes up and I can’t make it to boxing, I will try to get to the UFC gym. They are a part of my family and team as well. If I can’t get there, I will go for a run, do hill sprints, run stairs, make up work outs on the stairs or trails…  find anything outdoors that could benefit me physically.”

To add to her already demanding life, Kaine acts and works as a stunt double, “I am a full member with the Canadian actors union. I’m actually on the search for a new agent at the moment, also just went to Calgary for an audition yesterday. Looking to land more work as a stunt actor.”

Just looking for another fight or 2 before I can fight for a title. There are no limits for me. – Sheena T Kaine

Kaine is working on getting on the Dekada June 24th card, as well as looking into international fights. “I couldn’t do all this without my kids, my family, my boyfriend, my coach, John Mendonca, & his wife, the gyms involved, and health practitioners. I have on my team AND everyone who supports, watches, follows and enjoys my journey.”