Litter at Jesse Lake Parking Lot Continues to be A Problem

Bonnyville Council asks bylaw to keep an eye on the area.

It must be spring, says Mayor of Bonnyville Gene Sobolewski as he notes to Council that litter is prominent at the Jesse Lake parking lot across from Notre Dame High School. The mayor, speaking at Tuesday’s Council meeting, to bylaw officer Matt Nadeau and S/Sgt, of the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment, Louis Gandolfi, wanted to know if anything can be done to help deter the litterers.

“It’s not just the kids,” the Mayor says he’s seen adults littering during the evening hours at the parking lot, “While I walk at 7:30-8:00 at night, it is just a garbage dump.” Sobolewski says there is adequate garbage disposals on the site, people just aren’t using them. “Maybe we can do some sort of littering blitz.”


It was noted that the students at Notre Dame High School help clean that area, as well as the trail. “No sooner do they clean and there’s a mess again. We need to start getting to the root of the problem,” says the mayor. “We need to try and get a handle on the dumping.”

The location is a popular meet-up place and hang out, used by community members of all ages. Sobolewski says he’s personally witnessed many people just chuck garbage out of their vehicles while parked talking to one another in the evening, “out goes a bag of [fast food] and the seagulls are just having a great time.”