The Time is Now for Jamie Sadlowski

Jamie Sadlowski, 29, will hit the golf course at Colonial Country Club on May 25. He will participate in the Dean & Deluca Invitational. The event is Sadlowski’s first PGA Tour start.

The transition from power driving champ

Sadlowski is a multiple long drive champion, and has competed in the sport since he was 14 years old. In the past few years, Jamie has been working hard to get his PGA Tour card. The journey got one step closer in April 2017, when he was awarded his conditional Mackenzie Tour card. The Mckenzie Tour – PGA Tour Canada is the PGA’s premier tour focused on Canada. It is a stepping stone to the Web.Com Tour, and ultimately the PGA Tour.

“It’s just conditional status, so I don’t get into every event.” Jamie Sadlowski says about his tour card.

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For Sadlowski, not being in every event automatically will mean a lot of qualifying, but it will give him a chance to learn a course before playing a four day event on it.

Dean & Deluca Invitational

The Dean & Deluca Invitiational will be held at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas from May 25-28. It is Jamie’s first start on the PGA Tour, and he hopes it will be a launching pad for his career. The first two days of the Invitational will be televised on the Golf Channel. The final days of the tournament are scheduled to be televised on CBS Sports.

“It’s invite only. I was fortunate enough to get a spot from past champions who have the right to vote someone in. I think a reasonable goal would be to play the weekend.” Sadlowski says, “It would improve things for me on the Canadian Tour, and improve my number a bit so I can get into more tournaments.”

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Sadlowski Keeping Hometown Headquarters

Jamie Sadlowski is hoping to etch his name among the top athletes to come from the Lakeland. He has split his time between Scottsdale, AZ and St. Paul, AB (his hometown) for the past few years. With his conditional Mackenzie Tour card, Sadlowski is expecting to make St. Paul his home base full-time.

“Just the way our weather works, I became a member of a club out in [Scottsdale]. I’ve been kinda hanging my hat here for a couple months a year, since about 2009.” Sadlowski says.

Busy Schedule Ahead

Jamie will be back on the course very quickly after finishing the Dean & Deluca Invitational. He hopes to play three straight weekends in British Columbia before coming back to St. Paul.