Calling all Transplant Patients

2nd Chance Trail Ride Organization hopes to find 150 transplant patients.

Have you received a transplant organ or know someone who has? The 2nd Chance Trail Ride Organization wants to hear from you! The organization, which assists transplant patients and their families with the hosts associated in process, are looking to get 150 transplant patients to sign a card of recognition. It’s part of the Canada 150 celebrations, says Faye Irvin, founding member of 2nd Chance Trail Ride.

The card will be revealed at this year’s 2nd Chance Trail Ride, “the event is moving to Elk Point for its sixth year,” confirms Faye. The event has been held from Lindbergh to Heinsberg for the past five years; however, due to the growing success of the trail ride it will be moved to the Allied Arts Centre in Elk Point. The event features a horse trail ride and even if you do not have a horse, you can still participate. There is horse-drawn carriages and wagons. “It’ll go from Lindbergh to Elk Point, on the Iron Horse Trail,” Faye says there will also be camping at the land near the CJ Baker Riding Barn; where the horses will be able to stay. This year’s event will be held on May 13th.

The first person to sign the card was Patty Crawford (pictured), from Elk Point. Crawford received a kidney and pancreatitis transplant. “It’s a birthday card, to celebrate the transplant recipient’s second birthday (when they received the transplant organ).” The card is available to be signed at any time and depending on your location they can arrange to bring it to you.

The 2nd Chance Trail Ride will also be at the Farmer’s Market in Lloydminister on April 27th at the Servus Sports Centre. If you’ve received an organ transplant and would like to sign the recipient card, contact Faye Irvin at 780-724-4027.

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