Overture; this is it

Theatre development goes to Cold Lake development appeal board

The Grande Parlour is calling on all theatre lovers for support for its potential downtown development in Cold Lake. The theatre project is headed to the City of Cold Lake Subdivisions and Development Appeal Board on Wednesday afternoon, where the fate of the project’s location will  be decided.

The master plan of the Grande Parlour is for the theatre to open on main street (50th avenue) Cold Lake, specifically in the adjoining building to Beantree’s Cafe. The building, formly used as a retail space, will be developed into a theatre with interior access from Beantree’s Cafe. Beantree’s Cafe took to social media on Thursday to urge fellow theatre lovers to attend the appeal meeting, “the very real fact is if there isn’t a HUGE Community showing [Grande Parlour may not get developed].” The business owner explains, “due to an appeal to our land use change the decision will be made on whether ‘The Grande Parlour’ will exist at all besides Beantrees Cafe as an evening venue.” The multi-use theatre would be operated on a non-profit platform with 100 seat capacity or greater.

According to coldlake.com, the City’s SDAB  “is a statutory body intended to perform an independent adjudicative function that hears complaints and functions, in a similar fashion to a court.  It is an administrative board mandated by the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and created by a municipality.” There must be an appeal on the development for it to be taken to the board. In the theatre’s case it’s an issue of parking, or lack there of, that is setting the development back. The theatre would not meet the City’s bylaw requirements for parking spaces. However, even with parking in mind, the development was approved by City Council a few months prior. Following the approval an appeal was made on the development.

Appeal Process

  • An appeal request must be sent to the SDAB Secretary within 14 days of a subdivision or development decision.
  • An SDAB Appeal Hearing is scheduled within 30 days of the City’s receipt of an appeal request.
  • Written notice of the Board’s decision is sent within 15 days of the close of the hearing.
  • An appeal of the Board’s decision must be made within 14 days of receipt of the decision.

There are some other potential issues that Beantree’s Cafe may be facing, outlined in the same post on the restaurant’s Facebook page, “to top it all off without this new space ,due to very recent new conditions from the City, 80% of events at Beantrees will CEASE to exist (including Open Mic) if we do not get approval….isn’t that a kick to the head ?!?!?!”