Elks explode Gas Kings 21-1

The Elk Point Sr Men’s Elks exploded out of the gates against the Viking Gas Kings, in the first game back from the Christmas break on Friday evening at the AG Ross Arena. With a 21-1 final score, coach Murray Coachrane says the club was gellin’ nicely coming back from a couple weeks off the ice.

It was definitely an advance to have the whole team in the lineup on Friday evening, as opposed to the Viking Gas Kings, who were missing seven of their men, says Cochrane, “that makes a huge difference.” The Elks lost out the the Gas Kings earlier in the season, Cochrane explains a few key players can make sometimes make or break a game, “we were done a few players last time, so you just flip it around a little bit.”

“They just didn’t come with the team. When you only come with ten players, it doesn’t take long to wear them out.” The Elks took all of 20 minutes to gain a huge, unstoppable lead on the Gas Kings, with seven goals put up on the board.  MARK BRODBIN opened the game 1:36 into the first from DYSON KARBASHEWSKIDEREK BOULIANNE followed that up minutes later, then it was bam-bam-bam, shots fired and targets hit, for the Elks with SCOTT WARDMYLES QUINNEYMYLES WHITFORDJARVIS NICODEMUS, and another goal from Brodbin to end the period.

Viking would get its sole goal of the game in the second, from MARC LEPINE at 5:25, after an early goal from Elks’ DYSON KARBASHEWSKICHEVY BOTTING followed those up by scoring a hat trick in four minutes. Whitford two goals in the second to make a hattie and MATTHEW BOULIANNE and Ward put up points on the board to end the second 15-1.

The club put in six more goals during the third period, from Whitford, D. Boulianne, M. Boulianne, Brodbin, LEE LETESTU and DEVIN MONETA.

“We try to be classy in games like those, but there’s only so much you can hold off on. Otherwise, you’re just dancing around with the puck and that looks bad too.” Cochrane is completely understanding that every team has their blow out games and you just try to make it out of them as classy as possible.

The SaskAlta Sr Men’s Hockey League roster deadline is January 10th, Cochrane says he’s fairly confident they have the team they will be playing for the remainder of the season and doesn’t anticipate dropping any players. The Elks take to the road next weekend for their only meeting, this season, against Lashburn on Saturday.