Hammer Down

Tales from the Timebox: January 3rd, 2017

The midget Avalanche really put the hammer down on the Mallaig Monarchs at home on Friday night winning 8 to 2.  No turkey legs for the first game back after Christmas and ending the year on a good note for their last game of 2016.
The ‘Big O’ Brody Odgaard opening up the scoring five minutes into the first period, after he stripped the puck off the Monarch defenseman at the blue line, going in all alone shooting one top shelve. The ‘Big O’  played an exceptional  strong two way game on Friday night.  Bowen ‘ Bam Bam’ Krider adding two more before the first period ended, doing one all on his own and one with the help of the  Heinsburg Kid, Kyle ‘ Ketchep’ Kjenner and hard nosed  Christian ‘ Wheels’ Castle -Wasson. Three to zip after one period for the Avalanche , but the Monarchs were getting out shot very badly.
In the second period the Avalanche would  open up the engines and let her roar, one by the speedy number four, Chad ‘ Pickpocket’ Poitras who tapped one in on the doorstep after getting set up by rugged defenseman ‘Warrior Warren’ Ference and the very talented Nick ‘ Sparky Anderson. Then ‘ Sparky really lit it up, scoring two more in the second and adding two in the third. Four goals all together for Sparky’ a couple of them real pretty highlight goals , ‘Sparky’ going ‘roof daddy’ right under the crossbar. Cyle ‘ Grinder ‘ Graus, ‘ Warrior’ and  ‘ Wheels’ with two assists each, Chase ‘ Rink Rat’ Dorey with one helper too.
Goalie Spencer ‘ Fortress’ Hardcastle wasn’t very busy, only 18 shots on goal but still made some really nice saves when called upon. The Avalanche putting 49 shots on the Monarch’s net, Center man ‘ Captain Obvious’ Austin Stafford wasn’t on the score sheet in this one, nor was defensemen Hayden ‘Hot wheels’ Ludlage or Angus ‘ Micky’ McFarlane, but they all contributed. ‘ Captain Obvious ‘winning face offs and for-checking, ‘ Hot Wheels’ and ‘Micky’ doing a great job of  killing off a number of penalties… when ‘ Micky’ wasn’t in the box himself of course.  Boys being boys, they  have to play a little aggressive of course.
This coming Friday night the midget boys are off to play in Bonnyville, their first meeting of the year, or season I should say, since we are in a new year, but same season, if you know what I mean!?
This sounds like something my Leafs have been doing lately. The bantam Avalanche played on Friday night in the Border City winning by  three to nothing after 40 minutes. So, what happened? There’s got to be an explanation for this. Four straight goals by the Blazers in the third to take the lead, and I don’t see any penalties for the Avalanche on the game sheet, three penalties in total for the Blazers…  so we can’t blame the referees?  Seems like a little bit of a meltdown, but the Avalanche did manage to get one back late in the third,  coming home with a tie game 4 all the final score.  Just like kissing your sister!
The ‘ Cowboy’ rides again…Dallas ‘ Cowboy’ Bristow with the  two goals , Jaden ‘ Jetstream’ Van Maarion rocketing in with a couple of goals too, including one with only 4 minutes left to tie the game. . set up man, the very slippery slick stickhandling ‘ Lightning Liam’ Ludlage with 2 assists, big power forward ‘ Danny Boy’ Cardinal, face off specialist ‘ King Cole’ Bendixen and multi talented Charlie’ Angel ‘ Rogal also with assists. A tie is better than a loss for sure, but for sure the coaches will be skating off their turkey legs at practice this week!!
2016 is all done…2017 is just begun!! Three more months of hockey, plus the Midget D Provincial Finals to look forward to!! WooooWooo
And now for the K. A. Campbell quote of the week. ” If you can’t beat them in the alley, you can’t beat them  on the ice.” – Conn Smythe.