Voyageurs – Royals Classic Rivalry

Bonnyville defeats Cold Lake 40-7

Photo Credit: Chastity Roberts

The Bonnyville High School Voyageurs have defeated rivals the Cold Lake Royals with a 40-7 win in Cold Lake Friday. Voyageurs Head Coach, Larry Godzuik says it was a monumental feat as the club has only beat the Royals five times in Cold Lake in the last 32 years.

“We’ve been playing very well. We don’t always win in Cold Lake,” Coach Godzuik says the team has been built on consistency and he’s seeing a more well-rounded squad, “it’s not just this guy today and that guy tomorrow. We’re starting to count on our guys.” Godzuik is in his forth year as head coach of the team and is seeing that consistency pay off, “I’ve been making slow and steady changes. I’m rolling along and the talent is certainly a big decider in how you can do things. We haven’t had as talented a group before, it does change what you can and can’t do.”

Great game tonight. Great highlight – Silas Fagnan completing a 65 yard pass and run play to Aaron Goulet. Great patience and location. Contributing on the scoreboard was #24 Evan Fritzler (2x), Jacob Cardenas, Zach Hesson, Reid Skrypichayko, and Silas Fagnan.

Some key injuries to the Royals line-up made for a tough game for Head Coach Kelly Johnson, “Tough game for us. Bonnyville played a great game on both offence and defense. We had a hard time stopping there run game. We have some things to work on this week defensively.” Coach Johnson says there were some key players who really shined at Friday’s game. “Defensively Daniel Delorme had a great game, he had 2 interceptions one he brought back for a touch down.  Levi Brown and Chris Huber, both grade 10 players also had strong games defensively.”

There are also some areas where the Royals will be focusing their time at practice on improving, says the coach. “Offensively we struggled moving the ball. Our Quarterback had a tough game handling the ball, we will work on that in practice this week.”

Voyageurs #10 Brody Pelley comes up with interception.

Coach Godzuik says he’ll keep reinforcing that consistency, “we have contributions right through all three grade levels. That’s something fantastic to have.” The Voyageurs will meet St. Paul on Thursday, Godzuik says St. Paul iwill be another rivalry match-up. The Voyageurs play a special Thursday evening game at Walsh Field, kick-off is 6:30 pm.

The Royals will be welcoming Wainwright to Soholt Field at 4:00 pm on Thursday.