Inside the Huddle: September 27th, 2016

‘Rolling, rolling, rolling, keep those doggies rolling, Rawhide!’

Photo Credit: Margaret Bayduza

Everyone want to be in the spot light sometime in their life. The St. Paul Bengals got their chance this past Saturday night under the lights at home and they sure knew how to perform when their turn came.  The hype had been building up all week for the big night, plus the fact they had been defeated last week by Lloydminster, so, that didn’t hurt either, the boys knew the task at hand was extremely important and practised hard all week. But when the big day came they had absolutely no problem rolling over Cold Lake winning 69 to 14.

Talk about steam rolling over players, Elk Point Odin ‘The Wall’ Smith one of the biggest players in this whole junior division was not only named a team captain for this game, but the coaching staff also gave him a chance to play on the offense rushing the ball as a fullback. Too bad for the opposition who had to try to pull down this monster. It was like a mosquito hitting a truck windshield. Not much of a chance. Receiver ‘Hank the Tank’ Rogal had a great game too, making some outstanding catches with his Velcro sticky hands gaining a number of yards moving the chains downfield and then receiving two touchdown passes. Another Elk Point player, huge lineman ‘ Danny Boy’ Cardinal with a number of tackles. ‘Danny Boy’ teaming up with one of his Elk Point buddies, defensive end ‘Silent Sam’ Henderson created a fumble on one of their tackles and recovered the ball. The Bengals have one more league game this coming weekend down in Wainwright, then take a weekend off to rest and fill up the gas tank with some turkey before the league finals.

Now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. And just in case you don’t know Keith Campbell, he is a very good friend of mine and also an encyclopedia of sports information. Ask him who won the world series in 1972 and he will tell you not only who won, but who pitched the final game. Here we go…. ‘You cannot blame circumstances for any failure. The ultimate power lies within you to fearlessly conquer challenges for your achievements.’- Lailah Gifty Akita