Tuesday , 14 July 2020

Horse Death not caused by Predator

Fish & Wildlife confirms horse found dead near Ardmore not caused by a cougar

On September 21st, officers for Alberta Fish & Wildlife were called to the scene of a horse death on near Ardmore on Highway 892 & 659. Along with a dead horse there was another injured with scratch marks on its body; leaving some to believe the death and injuries to the second horse were caused by a cougar. Fish & Wildlife Officer, Kenton Yaceyko, confirms that the death and injuries were not caused by a cougar or a predator, “there was no evidence of any predatory attack from the injuries on those animals.”

“The [horse] that was dead was hit by a vehicle. The other injuries were consistent with barbwire,” Yaceyko explains the horses were on Highway 892 road allowance about three kilometres from their enclosure. “From whenever they got hit and where they were found, they were on the road allowance and likely ran into the fence a number of times.”

“No evidence of any predatory attack, no cougar complaints have been confirmed in this district, since I’ve been here and I’ve been here for 12 years.” Yaceyko says there was another complaint a week ago which was not substantiated neither.

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