Monday , 14 June 2021

Biz Kid$ Celebrate Enterprising Summer

27 Kids Launch 13 New Businesses

The summer Biz Kid$ program wrapped up last week with a celebratory showcase BBQ, which highlighted the 13 businesses. It was a unique experience for the youth in the program, the Lakeland Community Futures teamed up with the Rural Alberta Business Centre (RABC) to give kids the opportunity to start their own business this summer.

The BBQ allowed the kids to show off their products and services one final time before the program officially wrapped. It also gave them an opportunity to give back to the program, the BBQ raised $337.00 that will go back into the Biz Kid$ program to help more young businessmen & woman flourish next summer.

I don’t know how much money was made by any business.  As is in our BizKid$ workbook, “EFFORT, NOT PROFIT is what we are looking for!!!”  In that respect, every business, I feel, is successful. – Patti Allen Lakeland Community Futures

Following the BBQ the kids had a small break before returning for an awards banquet. MLA Scott Cyr, Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland, and Deputy Mayor of Bonnyville, Ray Prevost spoke to the kids about their own entrepreneur endeavours. “All the BIZ KIDS got a certificate and a BIZ KID back pack with some business goodies inside,” Small Business Advisor for RABC, Kathryn Hotte says most importantly the kids gained skills that will help them become success contributors to their communities. “Some kids will continue with their businesses and other may not,” Hotte says it really depends on the kid, as well as the business. In some cases the businesses are seasonal and the young mogul may decide to start up again next spring/summer.

“We realized during the day that everything the kids, parents and mentors sat on, put their elbows on and all under the shade of a tent was donated by our sponsors,” Hotte says the entire program achieved success through the community support in Bonnyville and Cold Lake.


  • Staples Cold Lake
  • FCSS Cold Lake and District
  • Hamels Meats
  • Express Pizza Plus
  • Jolys Fine cuisine
  • Lakeland Credit union
  • Community Baptist Church
  • Arctic Spas
  • Atco electric
  • Site Energy
  • K Rock Radio
  • City of Cold Lake
  • Town of Bonnyville

Along with some seed money and education, the Biz Kid$ program offered hands-on mentorship to help guide the kids to success.


  • Linda Fraser, Fraser Consulting
  • Richard Hotte, GM Staples
  • Mecell Pilon, Mecell’s Reflexology
  • Kelli Wispinski, Station Mgr, K Rock
  • Melissa Kelman, K Rock
  • Melodie Baskerville, Blue Sun Healing
  • Melanie Miko, Sunreal Property Management
  • Sukhjeet Singh, ScotiaBank
  • Lanna Brassard, Inspired Living
  • Cindy Couture, Cindy Couture Photography
  • Beverly Lockett, Portage College
  • Rebekah Valade, Odd Job Gypsy
  • Tammy Dechaine, ScotiaBank
  • Jonathan Berube, Octopus Creative
  • Cheryl Bujold
  • Brian Fieger, Pivotal Safety
  • Isabelle Hetu, Lakeland Credit Union
  • Rob Hole, Octopus Creative
  • Phil Kushnir
  • Irene Schurek
  • Steven Schweigert

For more information on the Biz Kid$ Program, to become a sponsor or mentor, contact Lakeland Community Futures 780-826-3858 or RABC 780-594-1090

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