Monday , 14 June 2021

Council Approves $8.8 MIL for Town Hall Project

Local Company Genmac is Awarded Town Hall Project

Last night, at a special Council meeting, Bonnyville Town Council voted to award the new Town Hall project to Genmac ACL. The local company, based out of Bonnyville, put in the lowest bid on the project of $8, 825, 988.00; because of that the company came as the recommendation from the project’s architectural firm, Manasc Issac. The project came in $170, 349 lower than the original estimated cost; however the Town is hoping to still find cost savings.

The Town has directed that a special building committee be formed to oversee the project; with the intention of finding cost saving alternatives when appropriate. For example, the project has $500,000 bench marked for furniture and IT installation. Since the plan is to move a lot of the current office furniture into the new building, Town Council believes that cost will be reduced. Another example of cost savings is a planned 200 gallon water heater, Town Councillor, Ray Prevost, pointed out it is unlikely the Town will utilize a water heater of that size and suggested a smaller version may be more cost efficient.

The Town awarded the project to Genmac ACL, for $8,825,988.00 with the following break down in costs:

  • $6,688,800 – Construction
  • $699,280 – Architecture & Engineering
  • $500,000 – Furniture, AV& IT Equipment
  • $756,908 – Contingency

In Genmac ACL’s bid package, the company included quotes on pricing for subcontracted work, many of the subcontractors listed were local companies.

Council had previously authorized $490,000 for the design and planning of the project, to Manasc Issac. The Town will finance the project over ten years and borrow more money at a lower rate of 1.808%; rather than use up the Town’s MSI Funding. An added stipulation is that the Town will put aside a higher amount of money each year to pay off the debt at a faster rate. There will be no increase in property taxes to complete the project.

The Town’s next step is to get a contract signed with Genmac ACL to move forward with the project. Should the project move forward without any setbacks, the project is estimated to be completed in 2018.


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