Service Road Improvements and Commercial Lane Improvements underway in City of Cold Lake

The City of Cold Lake’s Commercial Lane Improvement and Service Road Improvements programs are moving forward as construction season gets into full swing.

“Both the Commercial Lane Improvement Program and the Service Road Improvements Program are a vital part of creating better access to our commercial districts,” said Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Nagoya. “We bring the roads and lanes up to an asphalt standard, which brings more value to our district’s business owners and patrons.”

The Commercial Lane Improvement Program is a new initiative that was implemented in 2012, which annually upgrades lanes in the commercial districts. This year’s areas of improvement are:

  • Laneway between 57 St and 55 St from 51 Ave to 50 Ave
  • Laneway between 55 St and 56 St from 51 Ave to 52 Ave
  • Laneways between 7th Ave and 8th Ave from 10 St to 12 St.

The Highway 28 Service Road Improvements Program is also a new initiative that was implemented in 2013, which annually upgrades two blocks of service roads. This year’s areas of improvement are:

  • 50th Ave between 56 St and 57A St (East Service Rd)
  • 34 Ave (East of 50 St)

The total budget for both projects this year is $1.2 million, of a total of $8,442,200 for roadway infrastructure improvements.

*Press Release from the City of Cold Lake