Kehewin: Gadwa’s Claims Have No Bearing

In response to recent claims that Kehewin is without a Chief following a May 31st decision in Canadian Federal Court, the Kehewin Cree Nation has contacted LCN. The Nation would like the people of Kehewin to know that there is a Chief, Brenda Joly.

LCN has received the following documents in support



In the next document is outlines that although the ruling was in Gadwa’s favour he was not to be reinstated a Chief or have a seat on Council

KCN Judgement-2016-page-001



Attached is the Decision of the Kehewin Cree Nation Elections Officer from October 2015. It is this decision that caused Gordon Gadwa to seek remedy from the Canadian Federal Court. Representatives from Kehewin Cree Nation would like to be transparent with the people of Kehewin and have noted that page 10 is of importance.

LCN Will have more on this story as it develops


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