Bonnyville Plans Additions to Splash Park

The Town of Bonnyville Council discussed ways to improve the splash park at Tuesday’s Council Meeting. All agreed the park is one of the most used recreational facilities in the Town and they want to be able to make it as safe & comfortable for users as possible.

The Town has decided that the park needs two major improvements

  1. Installation of a parking lot
  2. Bathrooms & Change rooms

For the parking lot, there is money in the Capital Budget, and corporate & private citizen support to help pave a section of the park to allow for better parking. There are safety issues with the current curbside parking; including visibility and getting kids in & out of vehicles on the heavily utilized roadway.

As for the washrooms & change rooms, the Town has decided to go after the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Grant to help with the funding. The grant is a 50-50 grant, which means, if successful, the Federal Government will match any funding put in by the Town. The grant is designed to encourage recreation, green-energy, and enhance the lives of indigenous people. Bonnyville Town Council feels this project would meet all the criteria.

Should the Town be successful in its grant funding parents can expect washrooms & change rooms by 2018.

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