Elk Point Considers Improvements to its Trail System

The trail system, in Elk Point, could see some improvements in the near future, says Councillor for the Town, Lorne Young. Research into costs and feasibility are being done by the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer, Ken Gwozdz, to see if there are some elements of the trail system that can be improved and whether or not the Town can afford the improvements.

As Young explains, CAO Gwozdz is in talks with Municipal Affairs to conclude a grant the Town received to put in a trail and solar lighting, on the west end of town, “looking at different options for concluding [that grant]. One of the things that’s a possibility, is we may, actually, be able to do some more work on the trail system.”

Options are still open as CAO Gwozdz researches, explains Young, “what’ll happen is [Gwozdz] will talk with [Public Work] and bring a proposal to us at a future meeting, in May, for work that we may want to continue that could add to our contribution towards this program.” Possibilities could even extend to improvements to Elk Point’s sidewalks.

Young cautions that talks of improvements to the trail system and/or sidewalks are in the exploratory stages, with more information expected within a month.

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