St. Paul RCMP: Warn of Teens at House Parties

The RCMP are urging local parents to be diligent and responsible when allowing their minor children to attend large house parties where they do not know the owners.

Throughout Saturday night and well into Sunday morning, the St. Paul RCMP responded to multiple noise complaints to a residence on 45th avenue between 48th and 49th street.    The particular homeowner and location have been the center of ongoing by-law and RCMP files dating back to October of 2014 for similar loud and obnoxious assemblies.  Local RCMP stopped numerous vehicles carrying minors and seized a significant amount of alcohol headed to the location.  Several underage attendees even told officers their parents were the ones who had purchased liquor for them to go to the event.  Warnings were provided well in advance to keep the gathering manageable but were not respected, and ultimately caused it to be dispersed.  The property itself was becoming dangerously over-capacity, and social media invitations contributed to the numbers.

Broken glass and beer cans could be found the next morning littered several blocks in all directions as officers awarded the home owner with municipal fines for excessive noise.

The St. Paul RCMP and Municipal Enforcement understand that with the warmer weather comes an increase in outdoor festivities and gatherings, but ask that home owners respect their neighbours and communities in the process.

*Press Release from the St. Paul RCMP Detachment  

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