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Fishing Lake Man Charged in Relation to Sexual Assault

On March 24, 2016 at 01:45 a.m. the Elk Point RCMP received a 911 call where voices were heard and then call ended.  The Elk Point RCMP members called the number back and spoke to a female who stated she could not talk.  The member then began texting the number and was advised by the female that she was with an unknown male, did not know where she was and feared being sexually assaulted.  The members tracked the cell phone to a residence at Fishing Lake where they made entry at 4:30 a.m., found the female and arrested the male suspect.


Investigation revealed that the female (23) was walking in Elk Point in an effort to get back to her home, a distance away.  A lone male in a truck pulled up and offered her a ride.  The male drove in the opposite direction, from her home, and threatened physical violence to gain her compliance.  The male drove her to his residence at Fishing Lake where he threatened, assaulted and then sexually assaulted the female.


David Robby Laboucane (37) of Fishing Lake was arrested and charged with one count of Sexual Assault, one count of Forcible Confinement, one count of Administering a Stupefying Drug, one count of Uttering Threats and one count of Careless Storage of Firearms.  His first court appearance is April 13, 2016 in St Paul Provincial Court.

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