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Elk Point Boy Raising Money for Ronald McDonald House

After visiting his cousin at the Ronald McDonald House, in Edmonton, 8 year old Kale Hoeving is on a mission to raise money for the charity. The Grade 3 boy, from Elk Point, has already smashed his personal goal of raising $700 and is well on his way to the $2000 mark after a generous donation from the Berta Boys & Babes Truck Group. The group of found Kale’s story on Facebook and met the boy and his parents during Easter weekend to deliver over $1400 they raised.

“I’m helping Kale Ronald 2so that other people have places to stay when their kids are sick,” says the goalie of the Elk Point Avalanche Atoms team. Kale visited the Ronald McDonald House after his cousin was born at 24 weeks and needed five surgeries over the course of five months. Kale’s uncle, his girlfriend, and their other kids stayed at the house to be close to their baby. “I really liked [the house] because there was lots of stuff to do. There’s pets and fish. They try to make it a home, a home for kids who need places to stay.” Kale says the Ronald McDonald house is more fun than his own, with hop-scotch and “way more toys than I do.”

Kale has only walked over five kilometres once, last summer when he and his mom, Kara, took a hike around Whitney Lake. Kale and his mom will be walking in the Ronald McDonald walk/run on May 7th. Kale is walking for the “kids who can’t even walk, they have their legs broken or something.”

Berta Boys & Babes Truck Group heard of Kale’s mission on Facebook and held a fundraiser in Edmonton in his honour. Attendees at the event, held at Hawrelak Park, brought their trucks, shined and on display for pictures. For each picture $5 was collected and anyone attending the event brought an additional $2. In total the group donated $1400 to Kale.

The Ronald McDonald House, “is a really good place,” proclaims Kale. To date, the youngster has $1885 raised. If you would like to donate to the boy’s walk, check out Kale’s personal donation page. For more information on the walk, visit http://rmhcna.org/event/run-for-rmhcna/

Kale Ronald McDonald
Berta Boys & Berta Babes Truck Group

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